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Welcome to Friday Favourites! Well as time goes on, Fall draws closer, this baby grows bigger and this mama is getting more tired - but that doesn't mean we can't get a few more favourites in there! This weeks list is pretty Local heavy so sorry to my readers from far and wide but maybe its your chance to checkout a new amazing Canadian brand online! Happy Weekend! Favourite Obsession: Brother Label Maker   I am a fairly good cleaner and house organizer, one of my biggest pet peeves in life is clutter, but man oh man does it go into some major OCD territory when the nesting bug hits! I had a major list to get done around the house before this baby comes and the fact we completed almost all of it already is just amazing. One thing I realized I just HAD TO HAVE in my life after organizing all these nooks and storage rooms - a label maker! I am obsessed with it! I got it for 40 something bucks at staples and I am a little label happy but in HEAVEN! Favourite Baby Buy: Haven Kids Overalls (From Spruce Collective) Had a few minutes to myself to grab somethings in downtown abby and while parroting Spruce Collective I couldn't help but bring these sweet overalls home! I have seen this item and this print in lots of their stuff but I am sooo excited to dress little one in these overalls in a few months! Shop Haven Kids HERE Favourite Fall Addiction: Pumpkin Chai Tea from Davids Tea at Highstreet   I will be the first to admit I am "One of those". The typical, white … [Read More...]

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