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3 Inspirational Quotes to MOTIVATE you in every season

3 Inspirational Quotes to MOTIVATE you in every season. I am not really one for New Years resolutions but goals I can do. Most years I try to set small goals for myself (weekly, monthly, quarterly) but honestly this year I just decided I was going to do some self encouragement and motivation instead. I hear so much these days, more so in the blogging world and entrepreneur world, but it definitely slips into the everyday mama world too - its just so hard to watch others, progressing, doing things we aren't, gaining success. While we are sitting wondering why its not happening for us too. COMPARISON IS A BEAST. Everyone is walking their journeys, living their stories. IF we start to base our happiness off whether or not we have what others do we lose the gift of passion. We lose the thing that is given to each of us so uniquely and individually. You don't know the true life trials someone on the other side of the squares goes through. You don't know how much time and effort that person has made to make connections, networking and everything behind the scenes. DO YOU. We can be inspired by others, attracted to their passions and creativity. Use that inspiration to fuel your passion, to fuel your own fire. You don't HAVE to do things EXACTLY the same way as everyone else. Or even one person for that matter. SO LETS SET OURSELVES UP FOR OUR SUCCESS. Lets concentrate on what WE need to do, and ways to keep us focused. I've curated this list to start you on the right … [Read More...]

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2017: A Year in Review

REFOCUS. This is my word for this year, for 2017. I headed into the New Year with the goal of really living my moments, and living slower. When I made those "resolutions" I don't think I really understood what it meant, but I also didn't know how true they would become. At the beginning of the year I was in the midst of busy, but a busy I truly … [Read More...]

6 Tips for teaching your kids to Ski – Youtube Video

6 Tips for helping Teaching your kids to Ski I didn't grow up on the mountain but my husband has been skiing since he was 3! When we started dating in high school I had only been on a snowboard once and never really considered skiing before... it wasn't exactly the "cool" thing at the time haha but he got me out on that hill and I quickly fell in … [Read More...]

No More Bad Moms

I understand the mentality of the new “Bad Mom” theme happening these days, its the mass of everyday mamas taking a stand for not being put into this box of perfection that has been placed on us. But after a day like today, when I actually feel like a Bad Mom, and not this new kind of bad-ass mom who does as she wants and throws caution to the … [Read More...]