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Holland Alida, September 27th 2018

1 week. Our sweet, dreamy baby girl. She’s been in our world an entire week already.  This post has been a really hard one for me to write. For a few different reasons but before I get into that I want to say that A: she’s healthy. B: I am healthy C: We don’t have any serious conditions or residual complications that we are living through and I am eternally grateful for that. I know so many people who have lived harder experiences, more traumatic and more heartbreaking, so even in the emotional aftermath I am more than anything thankful. So heart wrenchingly grateful. For health, and for my little ones. For the evident ways I can see God walking us through every step. So with that being said, I move forward, cause this is Holland’s story. Since our return from our babymoon a few weeks ago I have been experiencing some prodromal labor (I shared a bit about this in an Instagram post). I really don’t like pregnancy. Passionately dislike and it always will be a hard truth to share knowing what life on the other side, struggling to get pregnant, feels like, but it’s the truth. It really is as much an emotional battle, a mind battle, as it is a physical one. I had a lot of ups and downs the past couple weeks but felt like I got to a mental state of acceptance for the pain I would live through till our scheduled c-section on October 15th. 9 days before our due date. I had thanksgiving,, and a friends wedding and my birthday, and plenty of daily life to do and get me through. I … [Read More...]

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