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Living Room Reno

LIVING ROOM RENOVATION Well this post has been a LOOOOONNNNGGG time coming now, I feel like I have been talking about it forever but literally from where we started to where we are now, took legitimately 4 years. When we moved into this house back in 2014 (like right at the end of 2014) we weren't sure at that point if this was going to be our forever home, and so we were super cautious as to what we did with the house renos wise... long story short we live on a farm, the house is wrapped up in that property, so any minor renos we do to the house wouldn't really bring up the value of the property.. SOOOooooo anything we did, would be solely out of pocket, and purely for our enjoyment. The bathrooms were a necessity to fix up (see that post HERE) and so they came first, along with taking down all wall paper, painting the walls and changing up flooring in the living room, hallway, nursery and Master Bedroom. Our living room didn't have much done to it in the beginning but we painted it a nice light grey to brighten and contrasted well with our dark floors, but what we have now... is what I envisioned all along. Photos courtesy of JULIE CHRISTINE PHOTOGRAPHY Bright, lots of needed (but tidy) storage, and incredibly welcoming. These were the main things I wanted to achieve in this room. This is where we gather with friends, enjoy Christmas mornings, cuddle on stormy nights by our fireplace, stay up late … [Read More...]

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Holland Alida, September 27th 2018

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