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Welcome to Friday Favourites! Its baaaaaaackkkk! Not sure if you guys caught my insta stories at the beginning of the week of some of my baby favourites (if you missed it, they are saved in my instagram highlights!) that was just a little something for being MIA on our friday favourites, but its back! So hope you enjoy! Favourite Home Decor Find: Bead Chandelier from Pottery Barn KIDS We have had, since we moved into our home almost 4 years ago a black fan above our bed, which was all fine until our daughter decided to throw the clicker that makes it work in the garbage a year ago. So until this week it was just a giant eyesore and making our room feel so much smaller. I was on the hunt for a beaded chandelier but was needing something flush mount as our ceilings are just average height and may husbands tall. Then I found this one at pottery barn kids, yes KIDS! was the perfect size and I am in LOVE! Totally changes the look of our room, now just to find somme little gold figures for the bedsides... Favourite Baby Buy: Snuggle Me Organic Now I am not a co-sleeper nor do I plan to (but not hate on those who do!) but this little snuggly cot was on my must have list of things for the new baby! It is so soft and light weight and cuddles those little ones in the just the right way, I hope this little one enjoys it as much as I love it! Favourite Pin-spiration of the Week - Blueberry Muffin Recipe Blueberry season is here, and it's a glorious time when it's berry … [Read More...]

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Welcome to Friday Favourites! Its the freakin weekend! Wasn't sure I would  get  this weeks list out because I had thee worst cold this week and we leave today for a road trip but hey! Still managed it somehow! Now this weeks list is a little kiddo eccentric so for those of you who don't have kids, or just don't really care I am not sorry and … [Read More...]