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Welcome to Friday Favourites! How is it Friday already? Weeks after a Long Weekend always feel so strange and its hard for me to keep my days straight! Anyone else?! But it is in fact Friday and the weekends here again! Hope you enjoy this weeks favourites!   Favourite Kids Item: Baby Bum Face Stick Sunscreen   I picked this little baby up awhile ago, along with some of their bath products and stuck it in my purse. On these sunny days we have been having I've been so thankful to have it when I have major baby brain and don't bring along any sunscreen for my kids places! I absolutely love their bath products too, they smell like coconut and it is amazing! Its a natural product and great for those sensitive little ones. Also one of my most favourite stores here in town, Little Bean X Co now carries their products so make sure to check them out! Favourite Accessory: Love Note Necklace Locally made with love these sweet charms are a new favourite for sure! Alyssa Short is the brains behind the outfit and her husband makes them in his workshop, the charms are brass tags, originally used for locksmiths (which her husband is!). Hand stamped with $1 of each sale goes to star fish back pack program! single initials on a chain are $20  larger words are $25/30 depending  The necklaces are available at champagne and lace and at Montrose and george or anyone can just DM Alyssa on IG (Click HERE for her Instagram) for custom orders (and then it's e transfer /pick up … [Read More...]

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HOME SUITE HOME - ABIGAILS SUITE My husband and I have been slowly making our way through our home, renting and changing things up, after basically getting the top floor of our house done, it was time to start looking at our basement. We are blessed to have a major amount of square footage, but it is your classic "BC Box" a large rectangle with an … [Read More...]


Welcome to Friday Favourites! WE ARE BACK! Alrighty well this week has been full of sunshine and put me in a good mood, plus its been a minute since our last favourites so this weeks is  a little bigger! Whoop! So enjoy - I am off to a wedding and then getting up at 4am to watch the Royal Wedding! Favourite Buy: Magnolia Table Well I feel like … [Read More...]

Posie + Pine Mamas (Day 5) – Chalie Howes of GoldnGrasses

Guest Mama Blogger 2018 Day 5 CHALIE of GOLDNGRASSES Today is  our last guest blogger before I let you guys off to enjoy your mothers day weekend, and we are ending it on a sweet poetic note. Motherhood is challenging but it is different for everyone, everyone walks their own path, lives their own stories. Chalie is a sweet mama of 3 kids, an … [Read More...]