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Baby #3 Nursery Reveal

I am feeling almost more sad about this being my last nursery to decorate and curate than I am that its my last baby, is that bad!? O well! This is my new absolute favourite room in the house, its bright, and neutral and soothing and just so inviting - everything you want to bring your baby home to! I love to hangout in there and just putter around with the clothes and laundry, and I even catch Brent just hanging out in our comfy rocking chair every once and awhile too :) This room has been our baby room for each kid (see Ivys HERE), so its taken on a new look 3 times and have to say (unrelated to my feelings towards my kids) but this nursery is my favourite! Because this is our third and last I was able to convince Brent to paint the room and he so graciously agreed to build this shiplap wall that I had been dreaming of, he really is amazing and just constantly brings my visions to life (love you baby!) It was a family affair and I think this is the point that the kids really started catching on that things are changing and that there really is going to be another little human moving in come October! My vision for this room was light, airy, and minimally eclectic. I am not a huge fan of matchy matchy, but we have had this dark furniture for all the kids, and even though I would love to switch it up for some lighter woods I am happy with the look! It feels different than a lot of pinterest nurseries I have looked at but gives me the same feel. So many … [Read More...]

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Welcome to Friday Favourites! This week was full of adventures and a fun mail week too! Don't think I have had so many boxes arrive at once haha shhhhh don't tell my husband ;) Some of the most recent online purchases will be split up between this week and next, spa this weeks is a little smaller - but hope you still enjoy! Favourite New Local … [Read More...]

8th Anniversary Q + A’s [ and Maternity Photos!]

Can't believe its been 8 years since we said I do, and man does it just keep getting better. Yes there are super hard trials, and bad days, but its about learning and growing together. 4 different homes, 3 pets, 2.5 kids and countless memories I wouldn't trade for the world. I put out a little Q+A to insta stories and here are some of questions we … [Read More...]