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5 lessons from growing up in a “broken home” and how I use them positively in parenting

5 lessons from growing up in a "broken home" and how I use them positively in parenting. Now the title of this truly comes from just my personal experience of growing up in a broken home, and the healing I have had to work through even in my adult years after. Its taking a negative experience and using it for positive change. These are lessons though, that are universal. To every parent, no matter the circumstances. This is not made to hate on divorced families, or broken families. I am from one. Its not to say that married people can only do it right, cause I have also watched that not be true too. Its just fundamental truths I have learned that can be applied to anyone. Its mean't to be life giving and bringing. I understand the complexities that can occur in marriage and through divorce but this post is about the kids. Not divorce. Its about our kids and being the best we can be for them even in times of trial. To give them thriving childhoods and beyond. I also will say I am NO EXPERT and this is just my life experience, that I am in trenches just like you but in reminding myself of these truths I help to shape my parenting and my outlook on life. Some of you may not agree with everything I say, and thats totally ok! My only want is that we all stay open minded and supportive of one another. Parenthood is a hard road but together we got this! 1.You NEED Boundaries - Yes even with your kids you need boundaries. Healthy ones. I don't just mean "don't touch my … [Read More...]

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