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A New Perspective…

P E R S P E C T I V E   Had the most amazing weekend away with my best friend many years has it been now Ashley? Like 19? 20 years? OK so like a long freakin time! Our husbands love to hunt together and every year since having kids I couldn't help but think, hey, we should do a little weekend away too! Enjoy nature.. (and the comfort of a hotel room bed instead of a tent haha) So this year we made a go of it and decided to make a little trip to one of my most favourite places in the world, Whistler (and yesssss I know I was just there...check that blog post here), We went to the infamous Scandinave Spa - yes, it was as good as they say! - and had some much needed, kid free, girl time! While there I had lots of time to relax, think, and just step back and look at life with some perspective, and no I didn't have any crazy life altering epiphanies but I mean even those small changes in perspective can sometimes be life altering, if even in a small way... I am a huge planner, and a dreamer - my husband would be the first to attest to this! This isn't the worst thing, heck its probably one of my good qualities but sometimes, sometimes it comes at the cost of losing sight of the here & now. I had a very weird childhood, broken family, lots of moving around, and nothing ever truly felt like home. There was so much distrust in my surroundings and the impending future, I really think this over-planning came as a result of not being able to control my … [Read More...]

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Recipe: Brewing Kombucha

ALLLLL RIGHHHT Y'ALLLL... Well its the moment a few of you have been waiting for since I posted about my first round of Kombucha making.. now at first I thought I was just going to share my Lavender Kombucha Recipe but really there is not much to it, its more about the basics of Brewing... So after lots of thought and consideration on how to do … [Read More...]

Vancouver Proposal

Z & Z  VANCOUVER ENGAGEMENT   My Little Brother is Engaged! How is time going by this fast? Like seriously. A few weeks ago my sister and I had the honour and pleasure of planning out and setting up our brothers engagement and so I wanted to share a few pics of this Magical night. I am not sure how we lucked out weather wise but we … [Read More...]

Travel Diaries: Whistler, BC

W H I S T L E R Well it probably comes as no surprise that we love to travel and spend time away as a family, and I feel incredibly honoured to be able to.. but secret be told as of lately our travels usually revolve around work one way or another whether its through my husbands business trips (which happen quite often) or blogging, and … [Read More...]